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Life can be a constant challenge. Time seems to fly, and before you know it, you've grown up and have responsibilities. You have to get an education, and then a job; you might get married and start a family. The more you do, the more responsibility you have. A Wisconsin estate planning attorney at Leitner Law Office, LLP can help you put a plan in place to secure your family’s future.

Estate planning is the creation of a definite plan for managing your wealth while you're alive and distributing it after your death. These assets may be owned by you separately or jointly with others.

Everyone wants to provide for themselves and their loved ones. It's a myth that only the very wealthy need to have an estate plan. Most people are surprised when they learn how they and their family can benefit from having a plan in place should there be an untoward event. Furthermore, anyone with minor children should have a plan in case unexpected guardianship issues arise.

Our Wisconsin estate planning law firm offers a full range of estate planning and administration services including:

When you rely on attorneys to help you devise effective estate planning, you can benefit from the legal instruments and structures available. Minimizing taxes and preserving what you spent a lifetime building are goals that everyone shares.

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