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Legal counsel to help you make decisions now that impact your future

The dissolution of a marriage involves crucial decisions about the welfare of your children and the equitable division of your assets. Attorney Tom Leitner of Leitner Law Office, LLP considers all aspects of your divorce to reach the best possible solutions with your best interest always top of mind.

Grounds for Wisconsin divorce

In Wisconsin, the only grounds for divorce is irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. You can show this on your petition for divorce with the circuit court. Once the petition is filed, your divorce proceedings have begun.

If you and your spouse agree on property and debt division, child custody and support, you do not need a trial. However, if you do not agree, a trial becomes necessary.

At Leitner Law Office, LLP, we help you plan for now and for the future. We help you through your divorce, step by step, explaining the decisions you need to make and the factors you need to consider. Attorney Leitner has the proven skill to deal with sensitive matters compassionately and effectively.

Child custody and physical placement

Perhaps no other issue related to divorce is as emotionally wrenching as making decisions about your children. If you and your spouse cannot come to agreement about child custody, the court will decide for you, often ordering joint physical custody, which it deems to be in the best interest of the child.

Wisconsin guidelines determine child support

The state adheres to a set of guidelines to determine the amount to be paid by either parent for child support, health care expenses and insurance for each child. The guidelines are based on a formula known as the percentage of income standard. The court may decide to consider other factors. At Leitner Law Office, LLP, we can help you understand the state formula and how it applies to your unique situation.

Wisconsin is a community property state

Property division in Wisconsin can be complex. Wisconsin is a community property state, meaning any property you or your spouse acquired during your marriage is considered to belong to both of you. The court seeks to divide community property equally between you. However, other factors may apply, including:

  • Length of your marriage
  • The property each of you brought to the marriage
  • The contribution of each spouse to the marriage, and each one’s earning capacity


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