Legal Document Generators for Estate Planning


Computer programs which generate legal documents are being aggressively marketed.  Are they right for you?

I’m an estate planning attorney, so it should come as no surprise that I don’t like computer programs that generate legal documents. There’s the obvious fact that these programs directly compete with my business, but my mistrust and dislike of them goes deeper than that. 

In this difficult economy, the rise of do-it-yourself products is not an unexpected phenomenon. People are looking wherever they can for ways to lower their expenses. But certain things are too serious to attempt without expert advice. Planning your estate is one of those things.

Your attorney provides you with far more than just a written instrument; things no computer program can duplicate.

Attorneys are called “Counselor” for a reason. We provide insight, expertise, and advice.  Planning for your family’s future is about so much more than a robotic inventory of who gets what. It’s also about understanding how your decisions can affect your family both financially and emotionally. While no one understands your family like you do, the value of having a knowledgeable professional advise you is hard to overstate. What your attorney can save you in taxes and costs will more than make up for your legal fees.

Talk to an estate planning professional

Let a trained professional guide you through the estate planning process. Don’t leave your future up to a computer program. Keep what you’ve worked for, and protect your family’s interests.